Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bipolar Support Group for Moms, Mom-to-Be and Trying to Conceive with Bipolar Disorder Wednesday Night

I've finally got the first call of 2013 scheduled for this Wednesday, 2/6 at 9:15PM Eastern (I know it is an odd time, but that's when my daughter goes to sleep) and I hope it is convenient for most time zones. 

Our second call will by on Sunday either around 4PM or 9PM. If you didn't get a chance please post your availablity on the Doodle Calendar:

Ignore the dates and focus on the day of the week. If you were an original poster, I am sorry that your responses were deleted please resubmit so I can schedule future calls. 

In order to maintain privacy and to get an estimate of how many will be on the call, you must email me at bipolarpregnancy (at) gmail.com  

There are two ways to join the call - the first is online with a microphone and speakers, the second is by phone it is an 805 area code, it may be long distance for you.  But since it is evening hours you may find your cell phone plan gives you free minutes and long distance.

RSVP now to  me at bipolarpregnancy (at) gmail.com  

I would like a minimum of 4 women to join the call in order for us to have it this week. 


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Katie Mcnaughton said...

I've been meaning to tell you what a blessing your site has been to me. I've read most of your posts, and was so excited when I found a site that was honest and true about trying to have a pregnancy while struggling with this kind of disorder.

I was wondering if you'd be having another support group call soon. Thank you so much!