Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bipolar Mom and Mom-to-Be Support Group Weekly Call Starts this Week

UPDATE: I've been sick with a bad stomach bug and wasn't able to start the week of the 20th. We can start as early as tomorrow if we have at least 3-5 participants who will definetly make it. Please either email me or take the Doodle Poll on the times you would be available for a call.

I'd like to know what day or the week and times are good. I have started a Doodle Poll to find out the best time. All times are listed in Eastern and the call with last for about 1 hour.
I had to check the dates and ti took out all previous responses. Sorry about that. So when looking at it focus on the day of the week  and time not the number (i.e. January 30)

Here is the link to repond:

You can use just your first name or an alias when you respond. Whatever works for you. You can also email me at bipolarpregnancy @ (remove spaces)

I hope you all are having a great start to 2013.

With love,

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