Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year - New Schedule for Regular Bipolar Mom & Mom-To-Be Support Group Calls

Now that 2012 is here I'm planning regular group calls. We had three successful calls in the last couple months of last year that occurred on a sporadic basis. So this year I'd like to make them official.

I'd like to get them started next week and do two calls a month on either Tuesday or Wednesday evening between 6 to 9PM eastern lasting 1 hour. So please either email me at or respond via a comment on the post as to if you are available from:
6-7PM, 7-8PM or 8-9PM Eastern and if you prefer Tuesday or Wednesday.

Also, I'd like to have someone who would be willing to be a back-up facilitator in case I am out of town and can't make a call. It would be great if you have experience running a DBSA Or NAMI support group. This way we wouldn't have to reschedule calls.

Looking forward to connecting with you all!

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for starting this website, you are a saint in my book. I will send you an email tomorrow any of those times for phone session would be awesome. I am not maybe the best facilitator, but am happy to help in anyway I can. Lissa

Anonymous said...

Will send email tomorrow. I am defintely in for phone chats, and I would help in anyway I can. I am hopeful mom-to-be. Liss

Jennifer said...

I was wondering if this page is still active? I'm very interested in being a part of this. I need to have people that I can relate to. And to understand the struggles of being bi-polar and pregnant.

Karrien said...

I think that it is great that you are holding a support group! I think that it is so important to get support from others especially when dealing with something like bipolar. It can be difficult to deal with bipolar alone. I personally have found a lot of helpful advice at I hope this is helpful! Good luck with your support group as well!

Anonymous said...

I am the proud Mom of a 22-month-old little boy, and I also happen to have Bipolar Disorder. It would have been very helpful to have stumbled across this site before and during my pregnancy, but I'm glad I found it now. I would be interested in providing support to other women who are planning a family or are pregnant, or who have an infant or young child(ren).

Anonymous said...

Hello forum,

I have just been diagnosed with bipolar ii... i had a baby a year ago, and well.. have acted very out of sorts.... almost lost everything dear to me. including my own life. I'm very scared about this diagnoses... it makes sense to me when i think about my life up to this point.... but, there's still that sense of fear i feel, like when am i going to lose it again? obviously i'm doing better right now. Hurrah Serqueal!!

Now here is what i fear, am i just in a manic phase? and that's why i'm happy right now? My goodness i question every thought/motivation... and ya action!

Plz help!

Anonymous said...

Hi I would feel blessed to have some one to talk to about how I feel and some issues occurring during thi pregnancy. I had a huge mania episode during and postpartum with my sons pregnancy (6yrs ago) and now I'm 18 weeks pregnant with my second and I'm scared because of some events happening in my life and because I have no medical help beyond my family doctor. My email is

bb said...

Are you still scheduled to have the phone sessions? Please let me know.
I am bipolar and pregnant and can really use the support

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate! My faith in God has helped,my fear decrease tremendously! Let me know if u want to chat more. Not sure if this site is up and running?

Anonymous said...

I really love to keep in touchwith you. Actuaaly , I have BMD too and I am going to have a baby but cannot since I am using drugs. I am going to live in Canada by next month. where do you live? USA? can we keep in touch with each other?

Anonymous said...

Hello ladies, is this group active? I am an Australian expat living with bipolar (quite stable) in Italy with little support. Loving understanding fiance and I would like to start family but need all the help I can get! My shrink here just doesn't 'get it' and I'm in a very small town with major language barriers. Have Kristin Finn's book which is great but would like to chat to some ladies to. Please email if you are still active and willing to chat and we can go from there.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, is this group still active? I would love to connect to some women in this situation. I am an Australian expat living in Italy, bipolar, small town, language barriers. Have loving supportive fiance and would like to start family but need all the support I can get. My shrink here doesn't really get it. I'm stable but scared. Have Kristin Finn's book which is great but could use some 'live' support too. Hope to hear from someone out there.