Monday, November 9, 2009

Looking for Guest Bloggers

I'm looking for guest bloggers for both this site and my soon to be live site

Email me at bipolarpregnancy @ if interested.

If you have already emailed me I apologize for the delay I have spent the last several weeks in a severe depression. But I'm doing much better now.



postpartummom said...

I am sorry to hear you are in a depressed state right now. I appreciate this blog so much and am praying this phase passes quickly.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your kind words. I'm actually completely out of it now. And today am doing really well.

Who knows about tomorrow.

Bipolar Brit! said...


My friend recommended your site to me - I would love to blog with you. I too, am bipolar and am desperate to start a family, however, that means coming off the medication which as you would realise, is much easier said than done! Best Wishes to You!

Laura said...

I am bipolar and plan on trying to get pregnant starting in the next month or so. I cannot go off my meds completely, but I can lower them. I am anxious about what is going to happen. I would love to blog with you.

Girl Black said...

I'm cyclothymic and trying to start a family soon too. So far I've managed to reduce my meds from 300mg to 50mg. I'm planning on cutting it down to zero in the next two months.

Girl Black said...

I tend to blog more when I'm moody. The language gets worse though. :P My blog's private for that reason. I can do a clean version though! :)