Thursday, October 30, 2008

Very Real Dangers of Taking Ambien

I wanted to let you know the very real dangers of taking Ambien. I recently have been having a hard time sleeping .. my sleep has been disturbed because of my daughter teething and I couldn't get back on track. And I started to become hypomanic.

So I found out that Ambien is compatible with breastfeeding according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. So I took a pill the other night.

I apparently proceeded to Sleep walk, sleep eat, sleep fall (my knee still hurts) and sleep email. Yes, sleep email. (which may seem very funny) All of which I have no recollection of. I only discovered this happened when I was complaining to my husband that my knee hurt and he said ... must be because of when you fell last night. And I said what are you talking about? And he said I woke him up telling him that our baby needed a blanket and then proceeded to go to the kitchen and eat something. I was very wobbly due to the ambien and apparently fell.

I discovered the sleep emailing because I went to email my doctor in the morning about a flu shot and discovered that I had logged onto the secure messaging site and sleep emailed the night before.

I remember years ago hearing about sleep driving on ambien and thought it was an excuse for getting out of a ticket. Apparently it is very real.

Read about it here or here


DaKuipers said...

People can have hallucinations too! My Dad was on Ambien when he was in the hospital for hip replacements. He doesn't sleep well away from home, so they gave him something to help him sleep. He woke up in the middle of the night and complained to a nurse that there were cockroaches all over his hospital room!

Unknown said...

I spoke to my doctor ... apparently what Ambien does to some people - aka me - is it makes it like they are really, really drunk. And they blackout. I told him I have never been drunk enough to black out. So technically I was awake because my eyes were open ... yet I was wasted! Needless to say he told me I should not ever take Ambien again.

ambien said...

I finally found an alternative to Ambien in Silenor. My doctor prescribed me some and so far have been very very happy with the results. Full 7 hours of sleep without waking and the best part.. No daytime drowsiness and no addiction! Finally. It's about time. Silenor where have you been all these years?

Anonymous said...

I took ambian once, and almost got a dui.....fortunately I got off, but had to spend thousands on an attorney!