Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thank You for All the Emails

I wanted to thank my readers for reaching out. It is really good to know that people are reading this blog and that it is helping you.

As I mentioned last month I was going through some postpartum depression which I think I am now really coming out of. And although I may not have been good at answering every email promptly ... I have been reading them and appreciate the support.

I've told my husband about how I get such nice emails from people I've never met and he said he gets why I started this blog -- it is kind of like a support group -- althogh support groups are a little more of a two way conversation.

Years ago before I moved to Naples I used to facilitate 3 DBSA groups a week. It was one of the best things I've ever done. It felt good to help people and also to be understood. But after two years of running 3 groups a week I was glad to get a break when we moved. It was a great experience but also very draining since I got lots and lots of phone calls from group members who needed to reach out -- sometimes at odd hours of the night.

If you haven't ever been to a DBSA support group -- please look for one in your area. Go here

If you need someone to talk to ... please feel free to email me at bipolarpregnancy @ (remove the spaces).


immbas said...

You should read "Mad in America" It deals with the treatment of the mentally ill from the foundations of our country to current. Very interesting World Health Organization studies comparing outcomes from other countries with ours.
Good Luck

Unknown said...

Thanks, I have not heard of it. I will check that out.